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Created by Sandra and John, two individuals with a combined passion for New Zealand restaurants and takeaways.

About us and the team

About Sandra

Sandra brings a wealth of experience from both sides of the counter. She has owned and operated a successful restaurant in Australia, giving her firsthand insights into the inner workings of the hospitality industry using online ordering.

Additionally, she has experience managing a takeaway in New Zealand, allowing her to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by takeaway businesses with order taking.

Beyond her restaurant experience, Sandra is a skilled website designer who has built and currently manages, a comprehensive restaurant directory launched in 2004.

This platform has provided her with a deep understanding of the New Zealand restaurant landscape and the evolving needs of both restaurant owners and diners.

About John

John, on the other hand, possesses extensive experience as a business coach specializing in supporting small businesses, including restaurants and takeaways.

He understands the transformative potential of online ordering systems for these businesses and is passionate about helping them leverage technology to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve their growth goals.

Together, Sandra and John’s unique blend of experience and expertise allows to provide a comprehensive and valuable service to the New Zealand restaurant industry.

They are committed to helping restaurants and takeaways of all sizes embrace the power of online ordering and achieve their full potential.

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