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Online Food Ordering NZ: features

Easy integration with your website:

  • Add an order online button to your website
  • Don’t have a website yet? Here’s why you need one. We can build it for you.
  • Buttons are customisable to your brand colours.
  • Find out more on how to integrate your online ordering into your own website.
Pickup order button on Thai Thani

Food ordering directly from your Facebook page

Facebook button for Restaurant Online Ordering NZ

Receive Pre-orders out of hours:

  • Taking pre-orders will increase your sales.
  • You can accept or decline pre-orders immediately on your phone
  • Read more about how out-of-hours pre-ordering works
Restaurant pre ordering feature

Delivery orders:

  • Keep all your delivery apps where they are on your website.
  • Use our ‘Pickup Order’ platform and avoid paying commissions on orders.
  • Our system is for Pickup orders only
Delivery order button on Thai Thani

Beautiful online menus:

  • Replace old pdf menus with beautiful online menus.
  • Extra toppings, sides, different sizes, unlimited number of items are all easy to add.
  • We can add your menu for FREE saving you $399.
Click to view a sample menu
Allow diners to customise their meals

Increase sales by using Upsells, promotions & specials:

  • Receive larger orders by offering Add-ons, extras, different sizes and promotions.
  • Use upsells and specials to increase the value of the order.
  • “Would you like fries with that?”
  • Learn how to boost your restaurant’s sales with upsells, promotions and specials.
Beautiful Online Ordering Menu on your website

Online Payments:

  • Orders are always paid for before they are received with online payments.
  • Get paid quicker. Payments go into your bank account in 2 to 3 days instead of waiting weeks for payments from other third-party services.
  • Diners’ orders will increase by 76% when there is an online payment option compared to phone ordering.
  • Find out how online payments can benefit your restaurant
Pay online at Thai Thani

Credit card fees:

  • Cover the credit card processing fees (typically 2.9%) yourself or pass it on to the customer at checkout.
Add credit card fees to online takeaway orders

Add pictures in your menu to increase sales:

  • People buy with their eyes
  • High-quality photos make your food look irresistible, driving customers to buy more
  • Find out how food photos can help your restaurant
Chicken Tikka Masala Restaurant Online Ordering NZ (9)

Mobile-friendly ordering:

  • Our takeaway ordering system is built for mobile phones.
  • “67% of customers prefer to order online using their mobile phone
Mobile phone online ordering

QR Code for quick dine-in or skip the queue takeaway ordering

  • Faster and more convenient ordering from the table.
  • Cut down on staff & mistakes, no need for manual order writing.
  • Order payment is done at the time, cutting out payment queues.
  • Orders go straight to the kitchen for faster processing.
  • Customers can skip the queue for takeaway ordering.
  • No more “one bill” trying to split with big groups!
  • Here’s how to use QR Codes in your restaurant
Scan QR Code for faster online ordering

Order Management App

  • Loud order notifications on your phone or tablet. You’ll hear every new order clearly.
  • Accept/Decline new orders instantly on your phone or tablet
  • Download the app, which works on Apple and Google Play.
  • Learn more about the management app
Mobile Friendly App for online ordering

Powerful reporting & analytics:

  • Gain valuable insights with detailed reports on sales, customer behaviour, and menu performance.
  • Analyze order patterns, and offer specials on quieter days to increase orders
  • Find out more about analytics and how it can help your restaurant.
Online ordering for NZ restaurants - Reports

Print out orders automatically:

  • Setup your thermal printer and online orders will print automatically.
  • Printer receipts are fully customisable.
  • Change the look, move sections around, or take some out.
NZ Restaurant Online Ordering System

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