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Increase Your Takeaway Revenue with Online Payments

Written on: 15 April 24

Online payments are a must-have for takeaways and restaurants.

They streamline the pickup process, reduce wait times, improve cash flow, eliminate the risk of non-payment, and increase efficiency.

online payments for restaurants in New Zealand

Streamlines Pickup Process

With online payments, your customers order their kai online and pay straight away. They rock up, collect their food, and off they go. Easy as! No need to use the EFTPOS machine or collect cash.

Reduced Wait Times

With the orders already paid for online, customers don’t need to hang around for ages in queues while someone else pays or decides what to order. This saves them heaps of time, and your staff saves time too since there are no hold-ups.

Online payments also reduce wait times for walk-in customers. With less staff tied up taking orders and processing payments, they can focus on preparing food and providing excellent service.

Improved Cashflow

Online payments mean you get the dosh in your account pronto, typically within 24 hours. It’s secure and it helps you manage your budget so you can plan for buying ingredients, paying wages, and so on. No more stressing about when the money will come through.

No Risk of Non-Payment

Ever had a no-show after prepping a big order? Gutting, eh! 

With online payments, that’s history because you get paid upfront. After all the hard work you put into preparing an order, you deserve the peace of mind of online payments, guaranteeing you money in the bank.

Increased Efficiency

Online payments eliminate the need for manual order-taking and payment processing. This frees your staff to focus on other tasks, such as preparing food and providing customer service.

What are the fees associated with accepting online payments?

I get asked this a lot by restaurant owners.

We’ve partnered with Stripe which handles all major credit cards and provides quick bank transfers too.

You decide whether to pass the credit card fees on to your customers when they pay online, or whether you absorb that cost yourself. We can set the system up how you want it, and it will run smoothly for every order.

We do things differently at Eatout Ordering by only charging an affordable fixed monthly fee. The more you sell the more profits you keep. Bargain!

Does offering online payments increase revenue for restaurants already offering online orders without payment?

Too right it does! Offering online payments will increase revenue for restaurants already offering online orders without payment.

By making it easier for customers to order and pay at the same time, you encourage more people to order online. Additionally, online payments can help you upsell and cross-sell items, as customers are more likely to add items to their order when they’re not paying in person.

It’s about convenience – make it easy for them, and they’ll keep coming back for more.


Online payments are a no-brainer for takeaways and restaurants. They offer a range of benefits that can help you improve your operations, increase your revenue, and save you time and money.

And remember, our online ordering system for NZ restaurants is simple to set up, has lots more features and you keep more of your earnings with our flat fee structure. We offer online payments as an add-on, check out our pricing.

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