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Why I use an order management app to manage my online orders

Online orders used to be a nightmare! But an order management app keeps my kitchen calm and sales soaring.
Written on: 19 April 24

I used to run a takeaway, and it was hard work. That’s why I always looked for ways to streamline my operations, and one of the most valuable tools I found was a dedicated app for managing online orders.

Heres how I used it in my restaurant:

Online ordering app to take orders

This app was a lifesaver

It allowed me to manage online orders anytime, anywhere, from my smartphone or tablet.

I could see all the details at a glance: what the customer ordered, their information, and even estimated pickup times.

This allowed me to quickly accept or decline orders, which kept customers happy and helped me plan my day better. If a customer changed their mind, I could easily cancel the order and refund them right there in the app. No hassle!

The app also helped me plan ahead

It gave me reports on my busiest times, what dishes were most popular, and the average order value. With this information, I could adjust staff schedules, stock up on ingredients to avoid running out during a rush, and always be prepared to meet customer demand.

Speaking of running out, if something did disappear from my kitchen, I could update the app to show the dish is out of stock online.

Feeling overwhelmed by orders?

No problem. The app let me pause online ordering for a bit to catch my breath and ensure I could deliver the best food.

But that's not all it did!

The app also tracked my sales performance, so I could see trends and make data-driven decisions to improve my menu, marketing, and overall business.

This kind of insight helped me maximize profits and grow my business.

The beauty of this app was that it worked even outside of business hours

Customers could place orders online for pickup later, and I could use the app to accept or decline those orders and set pickup times.

This meant I could cater to a wider customer base and boost my revenue, all without needing to be physically present.

Communication was key, and this app made it easy

I could keep my customers updated on their order status, estimated pickup times, and any changes or delays. This transparency built trust and kept them happy.

Remember all that food waste I used to deal with?

This app helped me predict demand better, so I could adjust my menu accordingly.

No more throwing away perfectly good food – just efficient operations, cost savings, and a smaller environmental footprint.

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