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Boost Sales, allow your Customers Out-of-Hours Pre-Ordering

Written on: 15 April 24

As a former café owner, I know from personal experience how tricky it can be to handle online orders that customers place when your business is shut.

But with a few simple tricks, you can take pre-orders and manage customer expectations, even when you’ve gone home for the day.

Out-of-hours pre-ordering

Benefits to you as a takeaway owner

Offering online pre-orders can seriously boost your business. Here’s why it’s worth setting up:

  • Increased Orders: Customers can order whenever they like, meaning more orders for you.

  • Higher Average Order Value: Customers spend more because they have more time to browse.

  • Improved Efficiency: You can plan better with advance orders to run your kitchen smoother.

  • Customer Loyalty: Customers love convenience which leads to repeat business for you.

Benefits to your Customers

The ability to order out-of-hours has some nice benefits for customers too:

  • Convenience: They can order from the comfort of their couch; no worries about closing times.

  • Time Saving: They know exactly when to drop by to pick up their order, saving them time.

  • Relaxed Ordering: No rushed decisions; they can take their time exploring your menu before ordering.

Of course, customers can’t pick up their order until you’re open again. Here are a few simple tips to make it all run smoothly.

How to handle Out-of-Hours Orders

  • Communicate with Your Customers: It’s all about setting clear expectations. Communicate to your customers that they can place an order at any time, but pick-ups are only during business hours.

    The pre-order feature is standard with our online ordering system. Once you accept an out-of-hours order, our system emails the customer, confirming the order and their pick-up time.  Easy as.

  • Prep and Plan Ahead: In the admin area you’ll see a list of out-of-hours orders so you can plan your inventory and staffing. You’ll start the day knowing exactly what’s needed, reducing waste and stress.

  • Peace of Mind: If you want to receive payment when the out-of-hours order is made, our system does  that too. You can prepare the order knowing there is no financial risk to you because you have already been paid. Avoid the anxious waiting for the customer to come and pay for their order later.

There is no fuss or hassle – just happy customers and more profitable orders for your business!

You can try the out-of-hours pre-ordering feature for free in our trial or see our pricing to take online payments.

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