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Effectively use QR codes for online ordering:

Boost sales, reduce staff with qR code restaurant Online Ordering
Written on: 7 March 24

By implementing these 12 strategies, your restaurant can effectively use QR codes to speed up order taking, get rid of old pdf menus, and boost sales.

On menus:

Print QR codes directly on menus, placing them near specific items or throughout the menu for a general ordering prompt.

Tabletop signage:

Include QR codes on table tents, flyers, or coasters displayed prominently at each table. Save staff manually taking orders and avoid mistakes.

Physical storefront:

Display QR codes on window decals, posters, or even your entryway for easy access upon arrival. Customers can pre-order even if you're closed.

Marketing materials:

Include QR codes on flyers, promotional materials, and social media posts to direct customers to online ordering options.

Call to Action:

Don't just show, tell! Always pair the QR code with a clear call to action (CTA) like "Scan to Order," "Order Now," or "Browse our Menu."

Seamless Ordering Experience:

Ensure the QR code links directly to your online ordering platform, not your website homepage. This minimizes unnecessary navigation and streamlines the process.

Mobile-friendly platform:

Test your online ordering platform on mobile devices to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience for customers scanning the QR code.

Track and Analyze:

Use QR codes with tracking capabilities to understand how many people scan the code and where they are located. This helps you analyze engagement and optimize placement for maximum impact.

Promote and Educate, Spread the word:

Announce the use of QR codes for online ordering on your social media platforms, website, and through physical signage in your restaurant.

Offer incentives:

Encourage customers to scan QR codes by offering a first-time user discount or exclusive deals when ordering this way. This can incentivise usage and track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Train staff:

Inform your staff about the implementation of QR codes and how to answer customer inquiries related to them.

Bonus Tip:

Design your QR codes with your brand colors or logo for a more professional and recognizable look.

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