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Let’s skyrocket your restaurant revenue with strategic online upsells, irresistible promotions, and exclusive special offers!

Written on: 15 April 24

As a former restaurant owner myself, I’m always looking for ways to increase revenue. Upselling, promotions, and special offers are three effective strategies that can help you do just that. Here’s my step by step guide.

Free drink offer for online ordering promotion in New Zealand

Online Upselling: The Art of the Gentle Nudge

Upselling online is about suggesting upgrades or add-ons that complement a customer’s order. It’s like a friendly nudge towards that deluxe burger with extra cheese, or a roti bread with a delicious curry. It’s not about being pushy; it’s about providing options that might tickle their fancy.

Online Promotions: Building Your Brand

Online promotions are your shout-out to customers about a deal they can’t miss. 

Whether it’s a ‘Flash Friday Pizza’ at a steal or a ‘Midweek Special’ on noodle dishes, promotions drive traffic and sales. Or, create urgency with “Tempting Thursday Treats” available for one night only. 

They get people talking and ordering more online, they’re keen to snag a deal.

Special Offers: The Secret to Customer Loyalty

Special offers are like a secret handshake with your customers. They’re deals that make them feel part of the in-crowd. 

Imagine offering a ‘VIP Combo’ available only through your online ordering platform. It’s a win-win; customers get a feeling of exclusivity, and you build loyalty.

Discounts: Clever Cuts, Not Just Price Cuts

Discounts don’t just trim the price; they trim your excess stock while keeping the value high. 

Got surplus chicken or fish? Create special dishes at a discounted price to get rid of your excess stock while maintaining value for money. 

Limit the number of orders to control exposure, so you offload excess stock and still retain higher margins on subsequent orders once the excess is sold.

New Dishes: Tempt with Taste

Introducing new dishes online allows for a low-risk trial. 

For a period of time, offer a ‘Sampler Side’ of that new kumara mash or hot and spicy chicken for a small add-on fee. Customers can try without committing to a full dish – and you get valuable feedback. 

It’s an easy way to tempt customers to try something new.

How Will Offering Promotions and Special Offers Impact My Bottom Line?

Initially, offering promotions and special offers can seem like you’re just giving away profit. 

However, when done right, they increase order volume and customer retention. This means more sales in the short term and more repeat business in the long term – both of which positively impact your bottom line.

Just be careful not to condition customers to only buy when things are discounted. Make sure you still make a decent profit on all promos. 

And track sales figures closely – if profits dip too low, scale back the special offers. 

Used correctly, promotions will grow your bottom line in the long run.

How Can I Upsell and Offer Promotions and Special Offers Without Annoying My Customers?

The key is relevance and restraint. Offer upsells and deals that align with your customer’s preferences. And don’t overdo it – a few well-targeted offers are better than a barrage of irrelevant ones.

Mix up your promotions – don’t keep discounting the same dishes. And space out offers – don’t have them running back-to-back constantly.

It’s all in the delivery. Suggest items that truly enhance their meal. Make your promotions feel like a delicious opportunity rather than a persistent sales pitch.

Our online ordering system for restaurants in New Zealand, includes the upsell, promotions & specials features. Even in the free trial, you can test it out for yourself. 


Upselling, Promotions and Special Offers aren’t just sales tactics; they’re ways to provide genuine added value to your customers and create customer loyalty. Implement these strategies smartly, and watch your revenue grow.

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